• Data Vault Holdings, a unified management consulting firm, is celebrating its accomplishment in Series-A Funding raised to $30.5M. It has received excellence in providing its database warehouse services across the world and is considered agile, modernized data analytics.

    Though the investors have not been displayed by them, the efficient future use of the funding has been shared indeed. It includes refining their products and tools, accelerating their growth, and much more. 

    The practical framework of the company and its governance infrastructure has been presented below in the article ahead. First, let’s have a look at the coming specifications table and find its IPO status, total employees, headquarters, and CEO details.

    Specifications of Data Vault Holdings

    Currently Data is a pure asset and companies are looking to invest it for monetization. Guess what Data Vault Holdings provides those tools, that fix and maintain your database, to make them capable of a great market value.

    Company NameData Vault Holdings
    Total Employees 11-50
    IPO status Private
    Headquarters Hayling, Hampshire, United Kingdom
    Founded Date2003
    Operating StatusActive
    Legal NameData Vault Holdings, Inc.
    Company TypeFor Profit
    Company Official AddressDatavault 

    What is Data Vault 2.0?

    Data Vault 2.0 is a modern approach towards data warehousing that supplies efficiently managed secure data. It was developed by Dan Linstedt in the early 2000s. In addition to traditional database technologies, newer and better aspects of No-SQL databases and big analytics tools like Hadoop and Spark have been integrated to manage enterprise-level BI information.

    Dan Linstedt, creator of the Data Vault method, shares, “A system of business intelligence containing the necessary components needed to accomplish enterprise vision in Data warehouse and information delivery.”

    Various Investors List

    We are well aware that Datavault Holdings do not represent the $30.5M series-A funding investors. Still, some of their known investors and partners have been listed below. Have a look

    • Bloomberg
    • Fiserv
    • Resverlogix
    • ADIO

    What are Future Plans of Data Vault Holdings Through $30.5M Series-A Funding Amount

    Data Vault Holdings, alias Business intelligence project management, has shared less about the investors’ details, but their future goals and plans have been shared. It includes

    • Accelerating growth through developing a comprehensive suite of tools. For example, Data Vault 2.0 was introduced recently in 2023.
    • It is also looking to scale and maintain its products across various markets like healthcare, banking, banking, and e-commerce.

    Working Mechanism of Business Thinking Limited; Data Vault Holdings

    As per the representative slogan of the company, “Own your data. Value your data. Monetize your data”, Data Vault Holdings, Inc. customizes and monetizes your valuable data. They are building an infrastructure that stands valuable to the globally driven economy. Here are the mechanisms, features, and ways used by it.

    • Patent Analytics Technology

      A technology that is worthy of providing a real-time valuation of your datasets. Data vault built ‘patented analytics technology gives complete responsibility to the trusted hands of data custodians. They themselves refine your organization’s data and monetize it for real-economical value.

    • Manage Underused Data

      Every company owns gallons of data, a considerable part of which stays underused. The parent Datavault technology works to efficiently manage all of those with a high-end data management system; this helps turn it into an asset.

    • Customizable Dashboard

      This business intelligence platform also enables the user itself to analyze, structure, classify and monetize data assets; therefore, you can also secure and maximize the value of your trustable data.

    • Powers Your Business Intelligence

      Their tools help identify market opportunities and consecutively help execute your business strategies. For analysis, the clients are provided with data to manage any risk in real-time. At last, their patent technology seamlessly connects you and your data with the market.

    Reason to Choose Their Service

    The applaudable accomplishment of Data Vault Holding in raising $30.5M amount in Series-A funding is well known, and features explaining their work have been comprehended above too. Now let’s get to know the reasons which make them valuable and unique.

    • Their reliable, trusted services turn the end data set results into maximum revenue.
    • Their stupendous work and service have gained them technology, communication, and marketing industry awards.
    • They provided transparency while using the client’s data for any validation, thus inspiring confidence through clear information solutions.
    • Data Vault Holdings is continuously working towards their AI data technologies product quality enhancement that may clearly stand advantageous to the clients.

    Closing Thoughts

    Data Vault Holdings has raised $30.5M in Series-A funding through its analytics tools, confident team, and trusting investors. No doubt, they are currently at the zenith due to their potential to make databases turn into assets. From organizing data sets to providing them in the trusted hands for Monetization, Data Vault cloud-based platform values the data.


    Ans: Some of the competitors may include Brainlinx, Tuleva, and Catharina Consulting.

    Ans: Data Vault Holdings work throughout the lifecycle of projects from alignments to development, implementation to support. This helps clients gain revenue in their data investments.

    Ans: Data consultancy is dedicated to business intelligence, data warehousing, Data Vault, and information governance. With healthier relationships with clients, they have served up to 15 years.

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