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    Macy’s Employee Connection is an online portal for people who work at Macy’s. If you are hoping or planning to work at Macy’s, you would have to use this portal and access its features. 

    If you work at Macy’s, you must know how to do the Insite EmployeeConnection Net login. Knowing how to access www.employeeconnection.net early on will save you time later on. 

    This article has mentioned everything you need to know about Macy’s employee portal. We have covered topics like the benefits of Employee Connect and everything else that will allow you to access the platform without any problems. 

    Make sure to read till the end, and you won’t have any problems when you start working at Macy’s.

    A Little About Macy’s


    Macy’s is an American brand that operates through a chain of retail stores. Originating in New York, Macy’s has a total of 605 stores in the USA; customers can also access Macy’s website and shop from there.

    Apart from selling clothes and cosmetics, Macy’s also sells home decor products, furniture, and a wide range of accessories like jewelry, bags, and anything related to fashion. Macy’s has been an innovator for retail stores in the market and is considered one of the most influential brands in the world.

    Currently, Macy’s employs more than 130,000, and all these employees are a big reason why Macy’s has been so well received by its customers. Since employees are the most crucial part of an organization, there is always a need for better supervision and management.

    Macy’s manages its employees and increases efficiency through Employee Connection.  

    What is Macy’s employeeconnection.net? How Does it Work?

    Macy’s Insite Employee Connection is an online platform/portal which is used by Macy’s employees. employeeconnection.net has a wide range of uses; it can take employee attendance, communicate, store employee data, and give updates. 

    It is compulsory for everyone who works at Macy’s to use the portal. Learning the EmployeeConnection Net Insite Sign-in process is only the first step, as the platform provides many features and benefits that end up serving both sides of the organization (management & workers).

    Below we have mentioned how www employee connection net benefits you. After going through this section, you’ll be more inclined to do the login.

    What are the Benefits of Insite Employee Connection?

    Before we get to how to do the EmployeeConnection Net login, we should first specify why you should use it. Knowing this, you’ll have a better understanding of the portal and will know how you will benefit from it.

    Benefits of rewards

    As you can see from above, employeeconnection.net Insite has a wide range of benefits and uses. The benefits mentioned above will make anyone want to work for Macy’s, if you’re to use Insite Employee Connection properly, then you should know how it will benefit you.  

    Here are the benefits of Employee Connection:

    • Health & Welfare Plans

      Macy’s offers health and welfare benefits to its employees. The employee connection portal allows its users to understand how these benefits work, and also instructs them on how to avail of these benefits.

    • Pay Slips

      Employees can also download their pay slips from the portal and see every detail of their paychecks. This reduces the visits to HR’s office and employees can also use the payslips as an income proof for future employment and while doing taxes.

    • 401K

      401k is an employer-sponsored retirement plan that allows employees to invest a certain part of their income in their retirement account. The portal allows you to better manage your 401k plan, and also gives you better control over it.

    • Employee Assistance Program

      Employee Connection Net also allows the management at Macy’s to assist the employees better than before. Anyone having any problems while working at Macy’s is free to contact authorities and get assistance from this program.

    • Colleague/Employee Discount

      It is normal for retail store companies to offer discounts to their workers. Macy’s takes it a step further and offers a 30% additional discount to its employees, which they can access through the Employee Connection Net portal.

      Apart from this, workers can find even more discounts by using the portal.

    • W-2

      W-2 are tax statement forms that report the amount of wage paid to an employee and taxes withheld from them. The portal gives you easy access to the W-2 statement and removes the extra work, the process required before.

    • Leave of Absence

      Applying for leaves and day offs is extremely easy through the Insite Employee Connection portal. While before, you had to talk to your seniors and HR department, now you can just apply for the days you want to leave, and you’ll know if it gets approved or disapproved.

    • Plan Work Schedule

      You can access your work schedule and plan it from the My Schedule section on the portal. This way, you can have better control over your employment.

    • Better Communication

      With every member of the organization on the same platform, it is easier to reach who you want to. A massive advantage of the Employee Connection portal is that it establishes a better way to communicate and benefits everyone involved.

      The employee portal also improves communication. 

    • Get Company Updates

      Macy’s can also use www.employeeconnection.net to give important company updates to its employees. Any update or information given by the management would have the most coverage on Employee Connection, as each member of the organization is already present on the platform. 

    • Better Management

      The portal allows management to reach each worker and let them know about the latest updates and tasks. This improves the management and increases the supervision of the employees.

    • Make Suggestions & File Complaints

      Any grievances or suggestions you have for the company can now be easily filed, and any suggestions you make through the employee portal also have a better chance of reaching management and the right people.

    • Data Records

      With employeeconnection.net, Macy’s can store all of their data on one platform. This makes it easier for anyone to get important employee data or anything work-related. 

    • Availability of Important Data

      Any important work data can now be accessed through the employee portal. This is a big improvement from when you had to contact different departments and employees to get information.

      These are all the benefits you will get through the employee connection.net program, with all this possible, not doing the EmployeeConnection Net Login will leave you at a disadvantage. 

    Before we get to how to log in, we should tell you the requirements for the process so that you can do the process properly.

    EmployeeConnection Net Login Requirements

    If you want to do the EmployeeConnection Net Insite Sign in, then be sure these requirements have been met, or you won’t be able to enter the portal.

    • Macy’s Insite Employee ID & Password.
    • Internet Connection.
    • Smart Device.
    • Web Browser (Latest Version).

    As you can see from the site requirements, you need to use the latest version of any browser.

    Now that you know the requirements, we can move on to the EmployeeConnection Net Login process.

    Can I Do the EmployeeConnection Net Login as a Former Employee?

    Yes, you can access the EmployeeConnection even as a former employee. The platform is also accessible for people who have stopped working at Macy’s so that former employees can download their Pay Slips and access important work data.

    How to do the EmployeeConnection Net Login?

    Here is the step-by-step process for the EmployeeConnection Net Insite Sign-In:

    1. Go to http://www.employeeconnection.net/.
    1. Select My In-Site.
       insite employee connection
    1. Select Sign In.
      select sign in
    1. Type in your Insite Employee ID/Email/Network ID.
      insite employee id/email/network id
    1. Insert your Insite Password.
      insite employee connection password
    1. Click Log In.
      click log in

    You only need to follow these 6 steps to access www employeeconnection net insite, the only thing you need to do is remember your Employee ID & Password.

    How to Change Insite Employee Connection Password?

    Make sure to remember what your password is, as without it you won’t be able to do the EmployeeConnection Net Login. If you are unable to do the login because of an incorrect password, then you can apply the steps below to change or reset your Employee Connection password.

    1. Go to http://www.employeeconnection.net/.
    1. Select My In-Site.
      www employeeconnection net insite
    1. Click on Sign In.
      employeeconnection net insite sign in
    1. Click Forgot/Unlock/Change Password Section.
      forgot/unlock/change password
    1. Type your Employee ID.
      type your employee id
    1. Insert your 4 Digit Pin.
      insert your 4 digit pin
    1. Insert the Number Shown on the Screen.
      the number shown on the screen
    1. Click on Next.
      click next
    1. Now Create a New Password.

    This time, remember to create a password that will be easy to remember. 

    How to Contact Macy’s Help Desk?

    If you are still unable to log in then there might be some technical issue with the website. In this case, you should contact Macy’s Help Desk and let them know about the situation. You can use the information below to contact authorities at Macy’s.

    Use this information to contact the authorities at Macy’s if you encounter any issues while doing the EmployeeConnection Net Insite Sign In.

    Final Thoughts

    Online Employee Portals have been highly effective in maximizing efficiency in organizations, and have made the previous work approach obsolete. Doing the EmployeeConnection Net login is only the first step for you. After logging in, feel free to explore the platform and its features.


    Ans: Yes, Macy’s does offer a 20% to 10% discount to its employees. The good news for you is that employees can get additional promo/discount codes from Employee Connection.net.

    Ans: Yes, you can easily file complaints on employeeconnection.net. Any grievances you make will surely be answered, as Macy’s management and HR department are active on the portal.

    Ans: Yes, Employee Connection.net is easy to use. The interface is designed so that anyone can use it comfortably. All the features are designed so that you won’t spend much time on the platform and focus more on your work.

    Ans: The messages between you and your colleagues will be private, and only the people included in the message can read them. EmployeeConnection is a secure platform where your privacy is ensured.

    Ans: After doing the EmployeeConnection Net login, click on the “My Schedule” section from the dashboard, and then you can customize your work schedule.

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