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    Instagram has had rapid growth in recent years, going from having a million users when it first launched to having over a billion by 2022. However, any device, whether a phone, tablet, or computer browser, can be used to access an Instagram account, as long as you have one. Like any other social media platform, you just need your login inputs, which include your password and any account-related information like your Instagram phone number, username, or email address. In this article, we will see the various step-by-step Instagram login methods and how one can log in to multiple accounts at the same time. 

    Methods for Logging into Instagram 

    It only takes a few simple steps to log into Instagram; all you need is a smartphone, computer, tablet, and an active internet connection. In this guide, we will cover all possible methods through which you can sign into your Instagram account. Given below are the various methods, have a look.

    Method 1: Login Through a Mobile Phone

    Instagram has a separate app for its customers that promises ease as a user can review all of his direct messages, watch stories, or view friends’ photographs and videos with just one tap. However, to do that, one must sign in to his Instagram account using a mobile device. The following instructions will help you log in to Instagram using the app:

    1. Utilize the following links to download and install the Instagram application on your smartphone:

    For iPhone users


    For Android users


    1. Upon opening the app after installation, you will see the login screen where you must fill in your phone number, email address, or username associated with your Instagram account, followed by the password.  
    Enter Details
    1. Then select “Login.” If you have provided the proper login information, doing this will allow you to sign in to your Instagram account.

    Method 2: Login Through a PC or Laptop

    The Login process through a PC using the Instagram app is probably the best solution for you if you tend to keep your PC open all the time. Utilizing the Microsoft PC app is your second choice for logging into Instagram. The Instagram app for Windows can be easily downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store, and then installed on your device by running the downloaded file. The Instagram PC app can be downloaded and installed at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/instagram/9nblggh5l9xt?activetab=pivot:overviewtab.

    Method 3: Login Through a Web Browser

    You can check your Instagram messages while working on your PC using a web browser if you don’t want to continuously take out your phone to do so. To log in to Instagram using a browser, follow the steps listed down below. You can follow these steps to log in to your Instagram account on a PC using a desktop browser, or if necessary, a mobile browser.

    1. Open the browser and type Instagram Login. Select the Login Instagram link.
    Login to Instagram
    1. The page for Login will appear. Type your account password and click “Log In” after entering your phone number, username, or email address associated with your Instagram account.
    Login Page

    How to Log into Instagram Through Facebook?

    Using your Facebook login information to access Instagram is simple:

    1. Open “Instagram” on your phone if you already have an Instagram account or Skip to Step 4 for new accounts.

    2. Choosing “Log in With Facebook” will do. 

    Log in with Facebook

    3. You will automatically log in if you are already logged into Facebook. If not, use the blue Login button and enter your Facebook login information when requested.

    4. Choose “Log in With Facebook” for brand-new Instagram accounts. After your account is created, it is connected to your Facebook account.

    5. A pre-generated, random username and password are now associated with your new Instagram account. Use the “Log in With Facebook” option to access Instagram to modify it. 

    6. At the bottom right of the screen, click the “Profile symbol” and then choose “Edit Profile.”

    7. Change your “username” to something more individualized. Return to your “profile screen,” select “Settings” by tapping the “hamburger icon” (Menu) in the top-right corner.

    8. Then tap “Personal Information” after tapping “Account.” Make sure the “Email Address” is accurate by checking it. To edit, tap it.

    9. Select “Security” from the “options menu” once more. To modify it, choose “Password” from the list.

    10. A notification that reads something along the lines of “We sent an email to [ADDRESS] with a link to reset your password” should appear. Your account’s email address is the one you will use.

    What to Do if Instagram Won’t Let You Log in?

    You might need to reset the password if you’ve forgotten it. Whether you’re using a web browser on a computer, an iPhone, an Android device, or something else entirely, the procedure is roughly the same:

    1. If you’re using an Android phone, tap Get help logging in or Forgot password under the username and password fields on the login screen. (On a browser or iOS). 

    2. Tap Next (if using Android) or Send Login Link after entering your email address, phone number, or username (in a web browser). If you’re using an iPhone, select Username or Phone as the tab, input the password for your account, and then touch Next.

    3. You’ll receive a message with directions on how to change your password.

    It’s also conceivable that you don’t recall your username or other account-related details, or that you entered them incorrectly. Try some of the following:

    1. Verify the login or email address is typed correctly.
    2. Don’t enter a @ symbol in your username.
    3. Take a screenshot of the username or have someone else who has access to your profile page write it down for you. 

    FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Ans: Instagram allows you to instantly switch between multiple profiles while logged in, just like Facebook does. It should be noted that you cannot log in to numerous Instagram accounts using a web browser; instead, you must use the app version on a mobile device. The steps to sign into numerous Instagram accounts are as follows:

    • Make sure your initial account, which was previously described, is already signed into Instagram.
    • When you long-press the profile icon, a menu will appear with your currently logged-in Instagram account and the “Add account” option. Click the “Add account” button.
    • Alternatively, tap the menu icon after pressing the profile icon, then select Settings. Tap the “Add account” button that you will see at the bottom.
    • Then select “Log in to Existing Account” from the menu.
    • Select “Switch accounts” from the menu. Enter your second Instagram account’s login information on the login screen and sign in normally.
    • Once logged in, you may long-press your profile symbol and tap the desired account to swiftly switch between your two Instagram profiles.
    • That is how simple it is to use the Instagram app to sign into numerous accounts.

    Ans: Although Instagram Multi-Account Login is an ideal option to log in with several accounts at the same time, there is a five-account limit for adding Instagram accounts to the app.

    Ans: Even once you link the accounts, each one still requires a different login—you can use Instagram’s Facebook option to sign in, but the accounts are still separate. If your Instagram account is compromised or vice versa, it doesn’t necessarily follow that your Facebook account is likewise in danger. In order to maintain maximum security, you should change your Facebook and Instagram login details. It does not follow that someone has access to both accounts just because they log into one.

    Ans: You shouldn’t be concerned about Instagram’s size unless you have especially limited storage because it only takes up roughly 17MB of space on Android and 12.1MB of space on iOS devices, respectively. Other phone requirements are given below:

    OSAndroid 2.2/iOS 6
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