• Smart Square Mercy is an online portal for employees working at the Mercy healthcare organization. If you’re affiliated with a non-profit healthcare company, then you need to know about Smartsquare Mercy and also what the Smart Square Mercy login process is.

    If you’re ready to understand how the Smart-Square Mercy portal works, then make sure to read the whole thing. Our guide will explain to you how to log in at Smart Square Mercy, and by the end of the article, you’ll know how to use this portal and won’t go through any issues in the future. 

    What is Smart Square Mercy?

    www smart square com mercy

    Smart Square Mercy is an online portal that is designed for the people working at Mercy Healthcare. The portal serves to help the employees manage their time while working with Mercy Healthcare. 

    Mercy Smart Square is the one-stop solution and a medium for communication in the health sector, as it makes it easier for employees to pass on knowledge and information. Alongside better management, this portal allows healthcare professionals working at Mercy to handle their patients efficiently. 

    Smart square Mercy allows its users to manage their work shifts and access patient data easily. With this, the employee data, which ranges from people applying to get a job at Mercy to the data of all Mercy employees, can be accessed easily.

    About Mercy Healthcare

    Mercy Healthcare

    Mercy Healthcare is a non-profit organization that aims to provide high-quality medical services and assistance. Keeping their faith and goals with them all the time is the reason why Mercy is highly trusted and recommended by everyone.

    Need for Smart Square Mercy Login Portal

    Started in 1871; currently, Mercy Healthcare has over 40 hospitals and 700 clinics all over America. The need for Smart Square Mercy does exist, as Mercy has more than 40,000 healthcare professionals working in its network. 

    An organization this big surely benefits from its employees being well-informed and managed through a portal.

    Benefits of Smart Square Mercy

    Smart Square Mercy has been highly beneficial to healthcare providers. If you are an employee at Mercy, then these are the benefits you will get when using Smart-Square Mercy:

    • Manage your work schedules easily.
    • Easier to plan leaves.
    • Access to payslips and payment details.
    • Better control over attendance and work history status.
    • Complete availability to records (this includes employees, patients, and company records).
    • Better communication through the portal.
    • All information/data can be accessed through one medium.
    • Allows employees to share their ideas and ensures a healthy environment.

    The sole reason behind this is how much an online portal improves everything from communication to information and attendance.

    Now that you know how beneficial Smart Square Mercy is, we can move on to the login process and explain to you how it works.

    Smart Square Mercy Login Requirements

    There are a few requirements in the Smart Square Mercy login process. If you want to access the portal, then you need to do it properly and meet all the requirements mentioned below.

    • Be an active employee of Mercy Healthcare.
    • Visit the official Smart Square Mercy website.
    • Know your login credentials.
    • A browser compatible with www smart square com mercy.
    • An Internet connection.

    Below, we have mentioned the Mercy Smart Square login process; before moving on to that, make sure that you have met the requirements mentioned in this section.

    How to Login at Smart Square Mercy?

    Here is the full process:

    1. Go to https://mercy.smart-square.com.
      go to mercy smart square
    1. Click on Continue to SmartSquare.
      click on smartsquare
    1. Insert your Network ID and Password.
      insert your network id and password
    1. Then click on the Sign-In Option.
      click on sign-in
    1. Access your Smart Square Mercy Account.

    That’s all you need to do to access your Smart Square Mercy account. While going through the process, make sure to insert the right network ID and password.

    If you have just joined in and don’t have a network ID and password, then don’t worry as it will be provided to you. The management at Mercy will be sure to let you know about your login credentials. Still, if you think there is a delay, then you can let them know about this.

    How to Change your Password at Smart Square Mercy?

    If you have forgotten your password or want to change it then follow the process given below:

    1. Go to https://www.mercy.net/mercystl/passwordreset.asp.
      go to www square smart com mercy
    1. Click on the Password Expired option.
      click on the password expired option
    1. You will be taken to Another Page.
    1. Fill out the Form and provide the Information Required.
    1. Select Submit.
    1. Now you will receive an Email from Mercy.
    1. Follow the Instructions given in the email.

    If you have any problems while going through the process, or if you’re unable to do the Mercy Smart Square login, then you should contact Mercy’s helpdesk. 

    Smart Square Mercy Contact Information

    Here are all the ways from which you can contact the authorities at Mercy Hea78 lthcare.

    Final words

    Working at Mercy Healthcare your main goal is to ensure medical care to patients. Having a portal like Mercy Smart Square at your disposal makes it easier to do your job and also increases efficiency in the healthcare industry.

    Now that you know how to do the Smart Square Mercy login, you are free to explore the portal and all its features. So far, Smart-Square Mercy has been a great help to its users, and now you can also benefit from it.


    Ans: Yes, the Mercy Smart Square login can be done through smartphones. Just make sure that you’re not using an old model, as your browser needs to be compatible with the website of Smart-Square.

    Ans: Yes, employees can easily contact authorities, make suggestions and file complaints through the Mercy Smart Square portal.

    Ans: Yes, SmartSquare Mercy contains your employee data, which you can access and download whenever you want.

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