• With the ongoing boom in online education, the Course Hero Ed Tech platform is a handy tool to access the course’s study material easily. 

    It is an online learning platform for students to share the Course’s content (homework, essays, and tests). 

    Users either buy a subscription or upload original documents to receive unlocks used to view and download full Course Hero documents.

    A great tool for students to read and expand their knowledge at home! It is in the same league as other resource-sharing tools like Chegg and Slader.

    What is Course Hero?

    In a dynamic scenario where students across the globe need to be connected to share solutions and course content, an online learning platform known as “Course Hero,” set up in the year 2006 in California, has a great role to play. 

    Course Hero is an ed-tech platform for students worldwide, giving them access to class notes and lecturer documents. 

    Course Hero is a  platform enabling two-way communication among  students worldwide, where they  can upload their resources to access a variety of learning materials which include:

    • Practice problems, 
    • Study guides 
    • Textbook solutions, 
    • Step-by-Step explanations for every subject. 

    Its member count has increased as 100,000 faculty across the United States, Canada, and Australia has joined the Course Hero Educator Community where they can share their resources by connecting with other faculties and polishing teaching strategies.

    Can you Unblur Course Hero Content?

    The answers and content can be unlocked by creating a free profile on Course Hero Content. To use a completely free account, you can directly Sign up.

    Then, you can use material with some restrictions and perform activities as mentioned in the upcoming section. You can have a paid subscription for it as well. 

    Now, we will discuss how to unblur course hero to access the content.

    How to Unblur Course Hero Content for Free?

    Your free Course Hero profile offers very few perks and restricts access to most study materials. 

    Since there is a silver lining to every cloud. Here, also, it is in the form of  tricks and hacks to unblur restricted content and study more efficiently.

     These effective tricks include:

    a)    Uploading original documents,

    b)    Reviewing uploaded materials, 

    c)    Creating quizzes.

    These are a few ways to save yourself from a costly subscription and find content from the best colleges, irrespective of your device.

    Read the above methods in the steps to unlock the study material.

    1. Upload Photos

    Course Hero works to give ease to learners by connecting with fellow learners for using content by providing a free document unlocking system. 

    You can view the unlocked documents only when the original study documents are uploaded.

    Using your Windows PC or Mac, you can upload materials on the learning platform.

    Here’s what you need to do to upload files to Course Hero on a Windows computer:

    • Visit the Course Hero website and log into your free account.
      Login button for Course Hero
    • Find the document that you want to access. Tap on it to unblur.
      Blurred Study material.
    •  Click on the  “View Full Document” button.
      View Full document button.
    • Click on the “Continue to Access” button.
      Continue to Access button.
    • Course Hero will now display the Subscription Options that unlock the file.

            Go to the bottom of the page and click on the “Upload Your Study Document” link.

    Upload your study documents
    • Click on the “Desktop” icon on the left and select the documents you want to upload to the site.
      Document uploading window

    Note that it may take Course Hero up to 24 Hrs to  process your uploads. Once complete, the platform will credit the material to your account, allowing you to unblur five study materials.

    2. Review Study Materials

    Reviewing materials is the other way out by which you can easily access restricted content on Course Hero. 

    The users give feedback on materials available on-site, assessing which  site takes into account how helpful available resources(materials) are.

    Given a free account, you can view many unlocked materials by review. Using this method, you can unblur one answer or document by rating five papers.

    3. Create a Quiz

    The site offers another useful unlocking trick: Creating quizzes on answers or content. It is relatively quick and allows you to see more hidden answers and materials. 

    Before creating a quiz, you must unlock at least three documents. 

    You can do this by uploading original notes or reviewing uploaded resources.

    Also, make sure the quiz complies with the site’s regulations. 

    The more people respond to the quiz, and the more unlocks you’ll obtain.

    Using Paid Subscription to Unblur Course Hero Content 

    Course Hero monthly subscriptions range from $10 to $40. You can see the plans under the Subscription Options heading in Course Hero in Chrome browser.

    Subscription Plans

    Unblur Course Hero Content in Chrome with Inspect Element 

    Another important tool to unblur is Chrome’s “Inspect” element.

    It is a complete way of unblurring answers and documents on Course Hero. You can use this method both on your Windows PC and Mac.

    Let us learn to use the free inspect Course Hero.

    The first step to unblur in this method is by accessing the Inspect Element in Chrome browser.

    1. Visit the Course Hero website from the Chrome browser and open the document you want to unblur.
      Open the document
    1. Hover the cursor over the document and right-click. In the drop-down menu, Click on the “Inspect” option.
      Inspect the page
    1. Tap “Sources”. Select the “doc-asset” file and open in the new tab.
      Doc Asset file opening in a new tab.

    The second important step is tweaking the URL. You can do this by the below-given step:

    Examine the new page and find the URL of the restricted document and erase the “-html-bg” section from the URL.

    -html-bg extension in Url

    The third step is to unblur the answer. Let’s see how:-

    Press “Enter” to reveal the first half of the answer or document.

    Press Enter in document
    1. Return to the URL and find the “split-0” string.

      Split- 0 in URL of document

    Replace “split-0” with “split-1”.

    Replace string-0 with string-1
    1. Tap “Enter”  to unblur the remainder of the document or answer.

      Remaining half of answers shown up

    Unblur Course Hero Content on Android

    If the above-mentioned methods don’t work for any reason, you might  decide to use an app on your mobile. Course Hero ++ is one app that could help you access hidden content on this platform.

    Please note only install it if unblurring content through your PC proves ineffective. This app might not give results to everyone. Also, do research thoroughly before downloading any untested content or providing personal information to websites.

    Do these steps to unblur materials on your Android device:-

    1. Ensure that the “Power Saving Mode” Option is disabled.
      Power Saving Mode Option

          After installing this app, you can use it to easily view any of the blurred Course Hero materials on your Android phone.


          Ans: Yes. You earn unlocks on documents as per the given conditions:

          1. To earn 5 free unlocks, create an account on Course Hero and upload 10 documents.
          2. You will earn a free unlock if any 5 of your documents get unlocked.
          3. To get a free to unlock, you can rate five questions or documents.
          4. Review 5 documents to get 1 free unlock.
          5. You can also get a free unlock if the document gets a thumbs-up.

          Ans: Yes. Course Hero ++ can effectively run on Apple iPhone. It can be downloaded from the App Store and can be installed in the same way, just as on Android.

          Ans: One needs to check the authenticity of the source site from which the app is being downloaded. And also note to not give confidential details such as  Address and phone number while downloading.

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